We will execute projects in the utmost professional manner and deliver to our clients a quality product that meets or exceeds objective and design parameters. At the closure of each project our team of professionals will verify that our performance achieved the client's objectives, assuring that the customer has received an unparalelled product.

Witherspoon Inc. is committed to being focused on innovation, vision and creativity in the design, management, and construction of our clients project. As our mission statement clearly identifies, Witherspoon succeeds when our client's objectives are achieved. This can only be obtained through commitment. Likewise, we strongly believe in contributing back to society. This is accomplished by providing our time, efforts and expertise to organizations and institutes within the region for which we work.

Witherspoon Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1989 by a group of professional engineers whose background experience concentrated in the construction of commercial and industrial construction. The firms President and CEO, Clayton Keeler, a Drexel University Engineering graduate and Ph.D. candidate has managed the company through its growth over the past 20 years. Witherspoon is a regionally recognized company, serving the New Jersey TriState area.

Construction projects for Witherspoon Inc. range upward of 20MM. The Witherspoon construction group provides energetic solutions to difficult building tasks while maintaining involvement from the client in the decision making process. We recognize that the success of the project not only relies on the quality, cost containment and timely delivery of the project but also on the successful engagement of the client. Our clients are the focal point of the services that we provide.

Over the years, Witherspoon has successfully completed projects in the Commercial, Corporate Interior, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Financial, Manufacturing, Educational and Entertainment field of construction. Witherspoon has engaged in long term contracts (5 or more years) to perform Construction Management services with several Fortune 500 companies' including the likes of Merrill Lynch Corporation.